Japanese grappling at its finest

A couple of spectacular videos for you. You may have seen some of them but they are always worth watching again.

First one, Rumina Sato turns up at the Canadian Jiu Jitsu open (which seems to have been populated mostly by flabby judo players) and killerises everyone in double quick time. I wonder if you would be pleased or pissed off at having someone like that turn up at your comp? Probably the same way the Sambo guys feel when Fedor turns up… It’d be like… “Oh wow, it’s Fedor… cool. Oh but shit, now we’re all going to die.”

And here’s Mr. Genki Sudo competing in I think the Westside Submission something-or-others back during his sojour at the Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Academy. Guy is slick as fuck!

While I’m at it, here’s a grappling match between Genki Sudo and Caol Uno… the guys are just freaks.

One more for ya. Rumina Sato again in an absolutely blinding display of submission wrestling. The way these Japanese fighters just rip and twist each other’s legs and ankles to pieces frankly scares the shit out of me.

And here they all are wrapped up in a neat little package.

Greatest Highlight Ever Made

I totally got the scoop on this video from Fightlinker’s JackalTV which is well worth checking out for all the awesome MMA clips they find.

I dare you to watch this and not laugh. I freaking dare the hell out of your stupid face.

Don Frye, a true American hero.

Fuck. Yeah.

Pride is Dead. Join me in mourning.

According to Zach Arnold over at Fight Opinion (and he speaks the truth), Pride is dead.

After having been bought by the UFC, we were all looking forward to the Superbowl of MMA, with champions from each organisation fighting each other to discover who was the best in the world.

Unfortunately Pride ended up being rotten to the core, at least in terms of its higher management, and has basically been declared unsalvageable.

The clip below shows why this is such a savage blow for MMA.

I have yet to see an organisation that could rival Pride in terms of production and, basically, sheer fucking pump-up-ness.

The drama, the passion, the emotion, all lifted Pride much higher than just two guys punching each other in the face. It was true escapism, and you could completely lose yourself in it. Having seen Pride live, I can attest to this. Anyway, sit back, press play, and get PUMPED.

The definition of PUMPED

Here is a little showdown from 2005’s Pride Middleweight GP Final Event.

This was a heavyweight title match, shown before the finals of the GP.

I have found two clips. The first is the build up to the fight, which is absolutely AWESOME, complete with the Terminator theme.

Two of the sport’s absolute legends preparing to do battle.

The second video is the fight itself. It is a beautiful fight.  I want Fedor’s man-babies.

The Build Up:

The Fight:

PS Still training.

Thoughts: Coach says all I need to improve to stand a chance of getting my blue belt is my defence against getting my guard passed. Sounds fair enough to me.

Genghis Con’s MMA Highlight Central

Genghis Con’s MMA Highlight Central

Wow… my new highlight making idol… enjoy!

Two new videos I made.

Please note, these are not as good as they could be. I kind of get bored waiting to convert video files into zillion gigasplog editable files and searching through them and blah blah blah. I hope to improve as time goes on.

First is a brief vid abut introducing “the heroes”, people who fight for K1 hereos. It occurs to me that folks in the West don’t get exposed to it at all, with it not being on PPV or on TV. Apart from the naughty internet downloaders.

This one also falls short of what I wanted to make, but you might enjoy it. It’s about “falling” and has that awesome quote from that president guy about dust stained faces and arenas and stuff. Damn that quote is long, though.


Collecting some of my favourite clips.

Some good ones that everyone should see.

Bonus points for spotting the odd one out!

Fedor vs. his sombo coach in an exhibition in Korea. Sweeet.

Third Man by Boondock, great highlight maker.

Another Boondock highlight, Furious Angels

Highlight of Marcelo Garcia, an amazing grappler.

Highlight of Jacare. I think currently he is my favourite grappler. Amazing power, technique, and determination. See the part where Roger Gracie breaks his arm and he still wins the match for proof of that.

Eddie Bravo’s Rubber Guard private seminar from the Japanese DVD/Mook I just bought
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Why do I Watch MMA? By Robert Park. Looking dated now but a good package nonetheless.