New organisation: The Jiu Jitsu Federation of Japan


Click on the link to see.

It’s a new organisation, headed by the man himself, Rickson Gracie, although I think he probably has about as much to do with it as Ronald McDonald has to do with the Teriyaki McPork they have here.


We already have the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation of Japan, which you basically have to be a member of nowadays to participate in most jiu jitsu competitions, especially those run by Paraestra, as Yuki Nakai heads both organisations.

Now, I was all ready to begin railing on the organisation. “Great! Another 5000 bones to pay for a flimsy membership card just to pay even more money to enter their competitions.” But I actually read through the site, and basic membership (including the card and access to tournaments) is free. This puts a whole different spin on things… Free membership makes the stuff on the ‘About us’ page actually seem genuine.

You can begin registering online, for free, in English, on May 1st. You can find it under the slightly suspicious menu tab, “How to Failiate.” Sounds ominous.

I’m pretty sure that Axis is going to be closely aligned with this federation, as Rickson is the head of the Axis family of schools in Japan. Until now, the IBJJFJ has been the only big dog in town, and the organisation that puts on the most BJJ events, so there have always been Axis people fighting at them. That makes me hopeful that us lot, the IBJJFJ lot, the Paraestra lot, will go ahead and sign up so that we can join “their” competitions. I notice they have one in Fukuoka on June 29th.

I’m going to check with my coach, but I think I’d like to sign up.