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The main reason for this blog is for me to keep a diary of my training. I train in Japan, and my Japanese ain’t that hot. It’s kind of lukewarm. So I’ve realised that in the years I have been here, I haven’t really absorbed more than a few techniques. I have improved, but I couldn’t teach what I know to anyone, because I just can’t remember and don’t pick up on all the little technicalities. So I will use this blog to write it down, and help me remember.

Plus, my BJJ terminology is all messed up. I get it from my teacher’s mix of English, Portuguese and Japanese, the intarweb, back of cereal packets, and my own special form of divination where I sneeze on a cat and eat some twigs.

I’ll also post my own martial farts: musings on the world of combat sports.

PLUS! I’ll try to let people living in Kyushu know what’s happening in terms of BJJ and grappling competitions they can enter or go and watch.

PLUS! I’m working my way towards a career writing about MMA. If there is a way to combine two things I love, martial arts and writing, and live off it, then that’s what I’m searching for.

9 Responses

  1. Brilliant I have pieces of chundle carp portenkorded into my ear jobe. i love you man. PANDLE FLUTE!

  2. p.s i just changed my name for the hell of it.

  3. Kirin is giraffe in Jappernese!

  4. Supercool! I have only just happened across your blog proper, and suffice to say it will now become a proper read. I intended to create a blog myself, once upon a time, however nothing exciting happens to me right now, so I’ll read yours instead and regale your tales as if they were my own. Although, most people know I don’t live in Japan, and so I shall change that to the mean streets of Bosc-vegas, and instead of grappling, I’ll make it rapping. And instead of chokalising legs off, my I’ll vocalise your ears off. You get me, aiiiiii!

    Peace x

  5. Hey, great blog. I’m also here in Japan, up in Tokyo & train at Axis. Are you going to be competing on the 5th at Rickson’s tournament?

  6. I don’t think so, although I heard about it. Apparently there won’t be many people from Axis at the local comp I am going to in May because they will all be up in Tokyo at Rickson’s! Could be an empty playing field for me…

  7. Actually it’s going to be in Hamamatsu, which is closer to Nagoya. But if you’re in Kyushu then probably not much of a difference.

    If you ever make it up this way you should stop by Axis and train. Doesn’t have a great rep among the Paraestra guys for whatever reason, but a great group of guys nonetheless.

    Happy rolling!

  8. We have a very good relationship with Axis here in Fukuoka, actually… although Paraestra is not happy about Axis’ new all-Japan BJJ federation… I guess because they feel one is enough, and I heard something about chances of BJJ becoming an olympic sport are greatly reduced if a country has more than one national governing body.

    Anyway, damn politics, that’s why I left kung fu… I’ll definitely look you up if I’m up there.

  9. Great site! I love MMA so I created a new site too!


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