Fubar Fight Night – Sunday, Oct. 29

We will be showing Pride 32 — The Real Deal at FuBar in Oyafuko from 7pm. Be there! Bring your buddies!

Fubar Fight Night!

I want to start a night of watching fights at Fubar, a club near my work in Oyafuko, Tenjin, Fukuoka.

This is a pre-emptive post for the people I am going to direct to this website soon.

With the Fubar Fight Night, in association with Jody who manages Fubar in Oyafuko, I hope to get a bunch of people together, regularly, to watch martial arts stuff on the big projector in his bar.

We’ve got all kinds of things planned, starting with livening up those dull weekdays and Sunday nights with live Pride FC events from Sky PerfecTV! And on off days, I’ll be collecting classic events from the archives… The best that Pride and UFC have to offer.

Some days, who knows, we might put on a BJJ documentary, a best-of highlight reel night, or even have open mat and training sessions in the bar.

Join in the fun at Fubar Fight Night.

If you want to know about it, send me an email at monkeypalm(AT mark-stupid spammers)hotmail.com