YouTube – BJJ Purple Belt test

Holy crumbling underpants, Batman!

This is some seriously slick jiu jitsu.

Kind of puts me in perspective. I mean, sure I think I could pull off those moves, but no way to that degree of lean, crispy yumminess. I’d probably leave limbs trailing and be all like “Oh wait a minute… no, now I put my foot here… and my nose here… and… wait, let me start again. Okay. Hang on…”

Yeah, this guy’s jiu jitsu is niiiiice. Definitely ready for the purple. I would have hate to run into him when he was dominating the blue belt division.

Still, it is of course a promotional video, so there could be some shenanigans. Second takes anyone?

Having said that, click and enjoy, and feel woefully inadequate, as I do!

My friend gets his purple belt!

OJJ Web Log – イデサンクス総統 帯叩き

That’s me in the fourth picture whipping him up real nice.