Watched all those DREAM videos.

Watched all the videos in this post. Very enjoyable!

So, here are my thoughts.

  • I’m not sure who this was made by, but it has the same feel as all the Pride pre-fight videos.
  • There is a hell of a lot of talk about Fedor. Despite the fact that he is not a part of the organisation, they have no qualms about fighters like Cro Cop saying that he is probably the best fighter in the world right now. They show footage of Fedor’s fights, and his sambo escapades. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t end up fighting for DREAM, after seeing these videos.
  • It really is an absolute who’s who of MMA, apart from a handful of stars on the North American circuit. These videos truly got my pumped about the promotion. It all looks almost too good to be true… It seems that Pride the ship went down, but all the passengers survived and are now cruising on the good ship DREAM. There’s Cro Cop, Aoki, Calvan, Uno, Kid Yamamoto, Kawajiri, Akiyama, Sakuraba, Tokoro, and in fact Fedor’s name is directly mentioned along with the others, as if he already was a part of the promotion… I need to be careful, I’m getting a killboner in my brain just writing all these names in the same sentence.
  • Aoki is being pushed as the great Japanese hope. He’s also got the mind of a pervy old Japanese businessman.
  • Actually, the more I watch the videos in terms of production, the more I feel they have a stronger K-1 / Heroes influence than a Pride one. Although they were always very similar, I was reminded of the K-1 / Heroes TV broadcasts.
  • Crusher Kawajiri is absolutely fucking ripped. I had no idea the guy was such a monster.
  • Saturday night is alright for fighting.

Fantastic Pictures |Web Magazine「ハニカム」h._Archives/Blog>Susumu Nagao_blog

Click on the link to see some recently updated pictures on the blog of Susumu Nagao, one of the best MMA photographers ever.

Two new videos I made.

Please note, these are not as good as they could be. I kind of get bored waiting to convert video files into zillion gigasplog editable files and searching through them and blah blah blah. I hope to improve as time goes on.

First is a brief vid abut introducing “the heroes”, people who fight for K1 hereos. It occurs to me that folks in the West don’t get exposed to it at all, with it not being on PPV or on TV. Apart from the naughty internet downloaders.

This one also falls short of what I wanted to make, but you might enjoy it. It’s about “falling” and has that awesome quote from that president guy about dust stained faces and arenas and stuff. Damn that quote is long, though.