Eddie Bravo vs. Naoya Uematsu

Now this is an interesting video.

Only available as far as I know on the Jiu Jitsu Legends mook, only available in Japan.

Naoya Uematsu is basically considered one of the top grapplers in Japan. He also reffed a couple of my fights.

I haven’t got my hands on the DVD long enough to know the story, but I think Uematsu basically goes around the east west coast of the USA rolling at the various jiu jitsu schools.

Check the video out. For want of a better word, Bravo basically owns him. Two times real quick, then just completely neutralises him before choking him out. All this with what looks like an injured or out of commission arm.

Now that is impressive. I want Bravo to compete again! It would be really exciting.

Uematsu almost seems like “Dude, can you stop doing that rubber guard stuff so that I can have a chance to grapple with you?”