Plan of Attack

So if the dieting goes well I will be competing next Sunday. I’m going to outline my plan of attack here, to help organise some stuff in my mind.

From standing.
Of course, my standup sucks. Plan for this competition:
Arm drag:
Best case scenario, I arm drag and get behind him. From there, stick my leg out behind his legs and fall to get the takedown and hopefully land in side control. Or if I get a good hold of him, I will drag him forwards, stick my leg out, and put him off balance that way, followed by either standing up and finishing the takedown or doing some kind of terrible de la riva guard. Whatever it is, it is going to be sloppy as hell and I’m going to have to rely on my reactions and instincts, as I just haven’t trained standing enough.

Double leg takedown:
I actually worked on it a little, and pulled off two double legs in training on Thursday, for the first time ever. They felt great, really solid. I dropped low, shot forwards, and completely smashed through the other guys legs. I think the timing has to be perfect though, and I need to catch them when their legs are close together. Could be tough.

Flail about a bit, fall over, and hope I land on top:
Probably my go-to move and the thing most likely to happen.

From side control (top position):
To knee-on-belly for points
To the mount
To north south position to keep control if they are squirming

Collar chokes: My right arm under their right arm and to the collar at the back of the neck, then bring my left forearm across their throat for the choke. Keep pressure on them and keep their face point away so they can’t shrimp.
Baseball choke.
Sideways ezekiel.

From under side control:
Get underhooks and some kind of sweep or back to half guard.
Dodgy triangle followed by sweep – sometimes it works!

From half guard:
Eddie Bravo’s old school sweep
If they are unbalanced, my experimental situp sweep.
Back to guard.

Guard attacks:
Triangle / armbar – remember to snap it on quick.
Saulo Ribeiro’s sweep.
.. maybe it isn’t his but I saw it on his DVD. Secure an arm, plant a foot, and kick up into their armpit, grip their gi below the knee, pushing their leg up to sweep to mount.
Rubber guard?!
Situp sweep
. Pulled this off in the last comp, so it’s possible.
Do NOT let my guard be passed.

Passing the guard
My usual pass... grip the lapels, grip the pants leg, elbow in, turn body and push leg back to break the legs. Then just work on keep my weight on them, getting my leg free, using my head to control their body. Don’t rest until I have passed the guard.

From the mount
Knee-on-belly for points?

From under the mount
Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. Shrimping back to half guard then guard, or large hip bump followed by feet in armpits.

General gameplan:

  • Attack, attack, attack.
  • If I am caught in a bad position, try all my escapes. If that doesn’t work, spazz out big time.
  • Take opportunities quickly but don’t be rash. Only rest when it is good for me and bad for him, ie after I pass the guard, not in his guard.
  • Win.