Mogwai Combat

Mogwai Combat

Click on the link to be taken to my buddy Hobo’s blog. It’s just started, and he needs all the help and support he can get. Especially comments telling him you like his haircut, or that he looks stupid in shorts.

I persuaded him to start blogging for my own selfish reason; I just think he’s really funny and want to read the ramblings that spew forth from his brain.

Ostensibly, the premise for the blog is that he has basically mastered the Wing Chun kung fu system and is looking for something else to get his teeth into. He has discoved Krav Maga, and so will be chronicling his adventures in this mysterious and violent martial art that involves beating people up with bycicle seats and disarming terrorists using only your elbows or some chewing gum.

Check it out.

Fightlinker » Blog Archive » Keith Jardine Techno Viking petition

Fightlinker » Blog Archive » Keith Jardine Techno Viking petition

One of the single funniest videos I have seen for a while. Linking to the fightlinker blog because it is awesome.