Helping little shits

I believe that as the sport of MMA grows, it can help in much the same way as boxing does, as a way for “high-risk” kids to get themselves out of trouble and out of poverty. Obviously, training in MMA is in no way a guarantee of success or of anything, really. But it is a good way for kids to focus their energies and do something positive with themselves. Besides, I think kids with serious problems can relate to punching stuff better than they can relate to knitting or painting or whatever.

So thanks to the MMA show, a video podcast I found on Itunes (under the title The Ultimate Podcast), written, hosted, edited, presented, thought up by, music by, titles by and whatever by some creepy dude called Gary Alexander, I learned about Black Mat MMA. 

Basically they help fucked up kids do something positive with themselves and train MMA, with the dream of fighting, and winning, one day.

It seems to be a good charity, and one I want more people to know about. Just check out the website to read up on it.

Bas Rutten, Kimbo Slice, at al made an appearance at the gym, which looked like a lot of fun. Check it out.