Wicked new t-shirts have arrived!

A design that I worked on a while ago, and kind of forgot about, and got a few orders for, arrived by post today and I am seriously pleased with them.

They look wicked, if I do say so myself.

I only ordered 11 this time, as I didn’t have enough time or drive to do loads of sales to get people to buy them, but it has inspired me to keep working on my t-shirts.

I changed the shirt itself from the last one I made, and I much prefer the material this time. They feel solid. 6.5oz.

I used a company in Osaka called Sweatshop Union, who I can’t recommend highly enough. They deliver quality merchandise in good time, and the customer service is fantastic. I have emailed them at all hours of the day or night, and weekends, and almost always got a prompt and friendly reply.

If you are in Japan and want some t-shirts done for your dojo, event, band, etc… and want to deal with someone in English who can make exactly what you want, I recommend these guys.

I will be wearing this with pride when I compete in a couple of weeks!

When I designed them I imagined I was a Japanese person using English, so there is a big idiom on the back and a random phrase chucked in for good measure (“The only competition is with yourself”). Actually I think the message on the back is a pretty good one…

Click the picture to get a medium sized one, click againt to see full size. You can see the Cro Cop I sketched in the background, too…

New t-shirt designs!

Edit: I just found out from Spreadshirt that it’s 20% off until March 30, so get on with it!



I’ve made some Pride-inspired t-shirts, with some mock Engrish on the back and some fancy Japanese writing because us gaijin like that kind of stuff. You can buy them here.

The reason I don’t do much colour is 1) because I am colour defective, but also because I like to keep it simple. There will be some colour versions of these shirts coming soon, as well as these designs available on coloured shirts, but that takes longer as you have to create a vector graphic and have it manually checked by the staff at Spreadshirt.

But don’t hold out! I’m keeping the price as low as possible on these shirts so they are a pretty good deal.


Stop! Don’t move! Before they move the fighters back to the centre…


Judge! Judge! Judge! And then FIGHT!


Do you hear me Mr. Takada? I said no holdings! More action!


With a joy! Kakutougi daisuki! (I love combat sports!)

You can buy my t-shirts.


RIZM MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Gear

I did a lot of research and it seems that Spreadshirt make quality prints on quality t-shirts. Plus, they have a UK branch which is good for me.

There are only a couple of designs in there but a few of you said you were interested in them, so here they are!

Many more designs to come. Any help you can give in spreading the word would be much appreciated.



For all designers out there…

VectorMagic | Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion Online

Click on the link to be taken to one of the coolest free web services I have ever seen. As a pretty amateur designer pottering about in photoshop, this is an incredibly useful service.

Basically the website will automatically create an infinitely scaleably eps for you from almost any image. That means if you have a cool image you want to use in a design but you can’t blow it up because it gets all pixelly, stick it on here and they will turn it into a vector for you in minutes.

This is going to be very, very useful for me.

I wish there was some way to thank them. Well, thanks guys.

I’m making t-shirts!

First Designs shipping soon « Sub Rythm

Click on the link to see my t-shirt blog and the designs that are being printed as I write!