New t-shirt designs!

Edit: I just found out from Spreadshirt that it’s 20% off until March 30, so get on with it!



I’ve made some Pride-inspired t-shirts, with some mock Engrish on the back and some fancy Japanese writing because us gaijin like that kind of stuff. You can buy them here.

The reason I don’t do much colour is 1) because I am colour defective, but also because I like to keep it simple. There will be some colour versions of these shirts coming soon, as well as these designs available on coloured shirts, but that takes longer as you have to create a vector graphic and have it manually checked by the staff at Spreadshirt.

But don’t hold out! I’m keeping the price as low as possible on these shirts so they are a pretty good deal.


Stop! Don’t move! Before they move the fighters back to the centre…


Judge! Judge! Judge! And then FIGHT!


Do you hear me Mr. Takada? I said no holdings! More action!


With a joy! Kakutougi daisuki! (I love combat sports!)