DREAM update…

The next two DREAM events are looking good.

 JZ Calvan will be rematching Shinya Aoki which is good news for all the fans including me who really wanted to see how the fight would play out. That will be on the April 29 card, which is not far away at all!



In May, the next round of the lightweight GP will get underway, with Kaoru Uno stepping in against Mitsuhiro Ishida in what should be a classic battle between strength and technique, and Joachim Hansen taking on the rising star Eddie Alvarez, who basically pwntZeriosed Andre Dida in the first round. Hansen vs. Alvarez will be guaranteed fireworks, as will Buscape vs. Kawajiri.

All in all, some pretty solid fights and definitely a spring / summer to look forward to!

I DREAMed about HEROES full of PRIDE…

Spoilers about the show follow.

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