Monkey News

Not BJJ, but absolutely hilarious.

Monkey news is one of the funnier sequences on the laugh-till-you-cry Ricky Gervais Podcast series, and this is one of the funnier stories. Karl Pilkington recounts the tale of the monkey in space. This is some unnofficial fan-created animation, but Ricky gave it the thumbs up on his blog. Fucking hell, I nearly died. Brilliant.

I recommend you watch this. I do not recommend you listen to any of the blogs with your ipod in public, as you will be taken for a madman due to howling with insane laughter in public.


FIGHTLINKER! The best (only?) comedy-themed MMA news site out there is going through something called MARCH MADNESS!

Basically, they are poor, and one of their asses is being held together by staples, or something. I don’t quite know what’s going on, but I know they want money.

Hang on, this isn’t going very well.


Fightlinker is awesome, and FREE! Constantly updated blog posts, a very funny podcast, an amusing comic and occasional videos just keep on coming. This month, they are pulling out all the stops to give readers a preview of just how awesome the site was if it were a full time, revenue-generating project for them.

So get on over to the site, sign up for the forums, listen to the podcasts, and laugh your tits off. If you like it, then join the Fightlinker army, which costs almost nothing and ensures that the hilarious and factually suspect stories will keep coming and coming!