The definition of PUMPED

Here is a little showdown from 2005’s Pride Middleweight GP Final Event.

This was a heavyweight title match, shown before the finals of the GP.

I have found two clips. The first is the build up to the fight, which is absolutely AWESOME, complete with the Terminator theme.

Two of the sport’s absolute legends preparing to do battle.

The second video is the fight itself. It is a beautiful fight.  I want Fedor’s man-babies.

The Build Up:

The Fight:

PS Still training.

Thoughts: Coach says all I need to improve to stand a chance of getting my blue belt is my defence against getting my guard passed. Sounds fair enough to me.

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  1. just got home late from work , can’t give the videos full justice or attention (wow the fight looks like it goes for a while, full thing? awesome)


    Do you find that being the smelly big white guy that your legs are normally longer than the people you train with and that makes your guard

    a) stronger?

    b) weaker?

    I’m finding that having long arms and legs is bad against locks but for some reason is good in the guard, but I want to know what you think cause I’m still training with my friend and we are both noobs.

  2. it also makes it a lot harder to get my omoplata going because I have to get my foot past the other guys face (which is harder if your leg is longer) but makes the lock that much stronger when its on also…

    Anyway, I’ll watch the videos tomorrow!


  3. Jeez, nobody ever shuts up about my long limbs. Seriously, even the guys with long legs themselves.

    I’ve found it a definite bonus. But, along with the length, you need flexibility otherwise you can’t do anything with your legs. My legs are long, but I can get my knees to my ears and my foot to the top of my head pretty easily. That makes long legs useful.

    Some people say that it is harder to cinch in the triangle if you have long legs, but I haven’t found that. Except lately, I’ve had some trouble, but I don’t put it down to long legs. Just other people’s fat necks.

    Having short arms and legs is good for power and submission defense. It’s difficult to armbar a can of paint.

    But like I said, you need flexibility to use them.

    My flexibility, um, sideways? You know, as in Van Damme splits… is absolutely atrocious. I can open my legs to about 90 degrees max. (Actually I think I have real hip problems but that’s another matter.)

    But my flexibility, um, upways, as in being able to bite my toenails, is good.

    Personally I think the second type, upways, is more useful, especially for a good guard game. Not that I have one.

    Oh, and the fight and build up above definitely need your full attention (and the volume turned up.)

    Some martial arts goodness, for sure. Fedor is so smooth, so relaxed!

  4. PS Fedor is “Emelianenko Fyodor”, Russian, on the right at the beginning of the fight video.


    Undefeated in his professional career (20 something fights?) apart from one lame cut

    Sambo and judo master.

    Highly probably a cyborg.

    Also enjoys drawing pictures and playing with his daughter.

  5. as soon as you said flexibility, I started thinking ‘yeah my flexibility needs some work’.

    In terms of Van Damage, yeah I can barely make it past 90 degrees too, and I can get my knees to my ears but not my foot to the top of my head like you can, my hamstrings are pretty tight –

    you might be totally correct about wing chun permamently screwing with those joints with its crappy stance – one of my hip joints makes a ‘popping’ noise when I turn it

    However I was also born ass first (not head first – it breaks the fall) and my mum said its possible that has affected my joint developement since birth.

    On the plus side, the very first thing in life I did was show my ass to some nurses, something many men will fail to achieve for the length of their own life 😛

  6. hmmm forgive my ignorant opinion (since I dont watch much mma fights) but I thought crocop was fighting better. He got a couple of big hits in early, wore fedor down and controlled the ground – man it was pretty boring watching fedor try to get out of his guard (is that what is called passing the guard?).

    Impressed by fedors resistance – hes like a rock or something. Towards the end they were both pretty tired but I reckon another round crocop would have won.

    Both obviously really good.

    I don’t understand the commentary that may have swayed my opinion. To me it sounds like lots of bounty hunters talking in star wars or something 😛

    I should really become more international and learn a few languages…

    I was expecting a knockout and surprised when one didnt happen! Also, WTF happened to ground game? not a single submission attempted? Are they both strikers, is it much harder to submit when being whacked (common sense tingles ‘yes’)? What are the rules?

    Lots of energy, a bit tense at times, some good hits exchanged I enjoyed watching it. The guard part was a bit boring but interesting to watch how they both tried to solve the problem (ie – they didnt but they sure tried lol).

    Man hook punches into the head repeatedly would hurt! Also, dang their relfexes are pretty spot on, they are fast but they also manage to get alot of ‘blocks’ in there.

  7. oh and what was the points decision at the end?

  8. Hmm, perhaps it’s a bit early to throw you Fedor vs. Cro Cop… (sorry, I really don’t want to sound like a condescending prick…) Watch it after a year of BJJ and general MMA fanboyism, and let me know then.

    Admittedly, it was not such a barnburner.

    It has layers, dammit!

    Watch the way Fedor switches from a failed judo throw to an instant right cross.

    Watch the way Cro Cop double jabs Fedor with insane accuracy and the blood that instantly comes.

    Watch the way Fedor can defend Cro Cop’s leg kicks with freaky speed for someone over 100 kilos.

    See how loose, relaxed, fast Fedor is?

    Fedor has actually won most of his fights via submission. He is very good on the ground. Mirko’s defence was good, that’s why, as you noticed, Fedor found it so hard to pass.

    This is an OK Fedor highlight vid…

  9. yeah see i thought that was the problem, as why I was sorta ‘should i give my opinion?’…

    Yeah I saw the kick defense that was spiderman tastic, both very fast for big dude no arguments there lol,

    I don’t recognize technique transitions yet, haven’t done or watched enough of the different styles.

    I probably recognize about 15 movements, including take downs and submissions but not striking (recognize all striking).

    Sure ill watch it in a while. Do you think fedor was keen to go a few more rounds at the end? Outcome of the longer fight? What was the points decision anyway?

    Its a good fight its close and they trade blows…

    I dunno im still noob. 🙂

  10. Fedor! forever smashey smashey 🙂
    but man how good is crop cop! both of these guys are my fav fighters except of course for sakuraba who pwnes everyone. But yeah, gotta love Fedor. So, to summarize:

  11. Fedor won hands down, and if it had of gone longer, he would have won by sub is my opinion.

    Hey hobes, this is the fight we watched with Theo at Rie’s mums house on her big TV… fun wasnt it!

  12. and the moral of the story is… don’t ask the noob his opinion lol

    I’ve probably got to watch about a hundred hours of mma to make head or tails of it, I’ve probably only watched around a dozen over youtube etc so far, haven’t bought any dvds or anything, my friend has some. I should get bittorrent working so I can download em 😦

  13. but thanks for asking lol 😛

  14. […] pump-tastic introduction clips for the Japanese broadcasts of Pride… I compiled a couple here.  Basically, everyone who was involved in Pride is involved in this special event. Yarennoka means […]

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