Leglockers are niche fighters.

Is niche pronounced to rhyme with “itch” or with “quiche”? I always thought it was the latter, but the slobbering apes on Sherdog seem to say “nitch” quite a lot… anyway.

People who go for nasty leglocks all the time are definitely awesome, but I think there is a quota for them. If everyone went for leglocks all the time, then many many fights would be over too quickly. I like heelhooks, but they are kind of sneaky.

This is a warning to all the heelhookers out there (and I know the greatest fighters in the world read this blog.) Your quota is currently full. At the moment, Masakazu Imanari is “the guy who does those sweet leglocks.” You must wait until Imanari retires or is smashed into oblivion by someone with good heelhook defense. Then you may take up the mantle. If you win fights by heelhook now, I might moan about you a bit on my blog. So watch out!