Night of the Running Man and other such nonsense

UFC 48 - Payback

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I won’t bore you with the same tripe being regurgitated by ten million other blogs out there, and just say a few things that I felt watching the card.

I really enjoyed it. The only fight I skipped through was Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry, and then in the end I had to go back and watch it because of the controversy. Thank you, Nate Quarry, for providing some entertainment in what would have otherwise been a ridiculously boring fight. Here’s one of the better videos (jeez you guys are fast, it takes me about three days to export anything from Premiere… piece of shit!)

Quarry came across as a really top bloke. He was funny and well-spoken, and probably scared shitless of the godless killing machine cult that is ATT. How the fuck Starnes is still in ATT, which makes you swear some kind of blood allegiance to honour and awesomeness, is beyond me.

I actually got just as excited for Bisping vs. McCarthy as I did for Serra vs. St. Pierre, just because Bisping is a Brit. He looked pretty mean out there and successfully ignored McCarthy’s antics. Who the fuck is captain miserable anyway? I have never, ever heard his name mentioned as anybody worth watching at all. He is a mosquito bite on the arse of the UFC and how they managed to drum up any kind of hype for him to fight Bisping is beyond me. Luckily, The Count tore him a new one and did so in style. I’m looking forward to his next test at 185.

Franklin / Lutter was pretty good, although Lutter looked like he had spent about half the preceding months training jiu jitsu and the other half eating double cheeseburgers and watching Family Guy. What the fuck? He was exhausted after about four minutes. Franklin and his strangely circular arms looked pretty good, although what is his reward, another merciless drubbing from Anderson Silva? No thanks.

I generally tend to avoid jokes as simple as pointing at someone and yelling “GAY” but Rich Franklin, You Are A Gay. *points*

Rich Franklin and Jorge Gurgel

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And, naturally, GSP de-pulverated Matt Serra. Everybody is being too nice to throw the word “fluke” around when talking about Serra’s original win over GSP, but I’m flinging it with extra gusto directly at your face. It was a fluke (much as I love Matt Serra), and GSP righted the universe the other night.

I’m still pumped for Hughes / Serra, though I need a few cheesy UFC hype videos to remind me about the bad blood between these two warriors who will leave it all in the octagon and warrior with blood and spirit warrior.

Overall, a very entertaining card.

Is it typical at Canadian events to have such a vocal crowd singing songs? Or was it the English contingent there for Bisping? Either way it sounded like a football (soccer) stadium, it was great.

I’m officially on Yushin Okami’s nuts.

Yushin Okami rules.


I’ve got a soft spot for Japanese fighters, being in Japan.

The UFC paid all that money and made all the fuss about Nakamura. Nakamura came in, wore a silly outfit with a silly bowl haircut, looked fat, and got punched a lot. Then got busted for pot.

Ryo Chonan looked less fat and more like a piranha, but still lost.

Yushin Okami came in all quiet like, and basically kicked butt. He’s a Japanese fighter who isn’t at a strength disadvantage like many seem to be. He’s calm and calculating in the ring, and lacks that maniacal Japanese kamikaze yamato damashi spirit, which sounds great on paper but ends up with people engaging in striking battles or grappling scrambles they are ultimately doomed to lose. He has the skills, the strength and the composure to be a threat to almost anyone, and he improves with each fight.

He basically pw0zned1 (I just made that up) Evan Tanner at UFC 82, and knocked him out with a sweeeeet knee. He almost beat Richard Frankleton last year. I can’t help but feel if someone from his corner had yelled some kind of reminder that this was an important fight and that he should probably wake up and do something about it, he would have won.

I’d like to see Okami fight one more reasonable fighter to sharpen his finishing skills before he tackles our new Spider Overlord, but alas, I don’t think he will.

Look for Okami to fight Silva in the next few months and I think it will be closer than some people, um, think.