Tournament places are released

I’m competing at blue belt level, in both my weight class (pena – up to 70kg with the gi) and absolute.

In the 13th match of the day, I will be fighting my weight. In my weight class, there are two fights to get to the final. Three for the gold. In my first fight I am against a 35 year old 65 kiloer.

In the 22nd fight of the day I will start my absolute run. It is looking pretty stacked. My first fight is with a 29 year old 76 kiloer, so no joke. Three fights to get to the final, four for the gold. Bit of an epic task…

If I win either fight the next will be fights 30 or 27 respectively so not much time to recover, but that’s good, I hate hanging around all day.

Wish me luck!