ATTENTION ALL READERS!!! Blog is moving!

Rather large news.

The fantastically awesome pod-casting, gut-crampingly hilarious post-writing, Canada-living folks over at Fightlinker offered to raise my lowly status from “Just another blog” to “A totally awesome blog hosted by Fightlinker.”

That means that all my shit is moved over to a new address:

So either copy paste that address, or click here to be taken to the site, and please update your bookmarks. If you are feeling particularly thorough and you have linked here in the past you might want to update those links, too.

But most importantly of all, keep reading! This upgrade may just be the kick in the pants I need to level-up my writing from “random nonsense that makes me spray milk and/or melted cheese out of my nose and eyes” to “holy wow crap this is the funniest thing I have ever read or had read to me by a man in a rubber suit kapow”

Fightlinker » Blog Archive » Keith Jardine Techno Viking petition

Fightlinker » Blog Archive » Keith Jardine Techno Viking petition

One of the single funniest videos I have seen for a while. Linking to the fightlinker blog because it is awesome.