Lazy Sunday BJJ March 2

Had a nice Sunday morning session. Coach is still in Tokyo so Ide-san, the judo and OJJ don, took the class. We went over lots of basics, which is always good, and some not so basic De La Riva stuff.

Being in closed guard: Bad! If I’m dragged down to the floor from standing, always jam a knee in then work for the pass. If I’m stuck in guard, hands in armpits, stand up, then sit down with the knee jammed in.

De La Riva:
Practiced the DeLa Riva to helicopter, to back mount, and a sweep invented by someone from our dojo (I think) where you thread both your legs through theirs and then turn them. Need to practice all of them more.

I got choked by a strong whitebelt, which sucked. I’m still using the excuse that I’ve had three weeks off. I figure that excuse is good for another couple of training sessions. That guy is tough though. He broke my nose a year and a half ago, so I am a but gun shy around him. He flails a lot. He’s also an anti-gang cop, which is nice.

My buddy Sam came, who I introduced to BJJ. Usually with my friends who come to jiu jitsu, I have to continually prod and pester them to go. Sam has been more times than me though in this last month! His long limbs will be a great advantage once he learns how to use them properly.