Fightlinker is grayte.

Hi. I’m going to tell you about the best kept secret on the internet.


If you like your mixed martial arts news delivered practically daily, liberally sprinkled with swear words, spiced up with toilet humour and just a splodge of latent homosexuality, (and I know I do), then head on over to

In all seriousness, they report on most things worth knowing in the MMA world with impressive regularity, they are funny motherfuckers; they regularly put out a radio show which has me laughing so hard the people on the train sitting next to me look at me as if I forgot to wear pants, and best of all, they’ve just revamped their site so you can join up and do all kinds of cool stuff like, um, post links and make jokes and stuff. They are Canadian, but don’t hold that against them. I don’t even know why I made that joke, I like Canada.

Anyway, go there, join, and tell em I sent ya.