Judo 17 Jan

A good training session. I’m starting not to feel like a three legged hunchback during uchi-komi (drills) now, which is nice. I still can’t remember the names of anything to save my life.

I drill the foot in sweepy thing, the hooking foot sweepy thing, the foot out sweepy thing, and the turning around and squatting down thing.

Randori is going OK. I managed to pull off a nice footsweep, but it was against a waif of a fourteen year old girl. Still, there is hope.

Had a karate kid-style moment where I threw the instructor with the foot in sweepy thing. He said “That was great. What were you doing differently?” and I, not realising I was stumbling into a scene from a cheesy 80’s martial arts flick, said “I wasn’t thinking about throwing you, only relaxing and doing the move properly.” “Bingo!” Then he said something about Okinawa and belts, but I wasn’t really listening.

Anyway, the important thing for judo is just to get some randori experience so that I am not so stiff standing up in the BJJ comps. Anything else is a bonus.