Le beat Shamrock, just like I said!

Woo, I called it.

Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock
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What a fight! The crowd was pumped, and they were really going for it.

Both fighters looked great, I thought. Frank decided to stand, which was kind of like signing his own death warrant (who knows, maybe it was some kind of insurance plan for him if he lost… “Well, I played his game, so…”) and Le was able to pick him apart for the most part. Still, Shamrock landed a couple of nice punches and looked pretty good.

The stage is set for a monsteriffic rematch on the second CBS / Elite XC show, which should be another classic. Expect Frank to spend the whole fight working for a takedown and some kind of nasty, quick-fight-ending anklelock if you ask me.

Terrible Prediction: Cung Le will beat Shamrock.

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Why not.

Cung Le

I’m going to say Cung Le beats Shamrock at the next Strikeforce event. I don’t think Cung Le is a flash in the pan. I think he is a super-elite striker who’s been working on nothing but MMA for the past two years. And, he is not a pure striker… his art is San Shou, which involves a lot of throws, trips, and takedowns. Plus, I heard on the radio (Shitdog) that he was a collegiate wrestler (I think… don’t quote me on that.) He’s got all the tools, and he’s on the way up.

I think it will be a great fight, but what the hell, I say Le could take it.