BJJ April 7

Regular training session.

There was only me and a purple belt, Ide-san, then a white belt turned up after a while. The BJJ classes seem to be thinning out lately, I wonder what’s going on? Shooto meanwhile seems to be absolutely packed with sweaty noobs punching the air like they were swatting flies.

I felt spectacular for the first hour or so. The white belt guy (I forget his name) is fairly skilled and while he’s not big, he has very functional strength and great balance so he’s hard to sweep. But last night I was all over him like smell on a sock. Of course that’s the way it should be, me being a blue and him being white, but it was reassuring, still. I gave Ide-san a run for his money. He has a lot going for him: judo black belt, dad strength, tree trunk legs, giant hands, purple belt, etc… I gave him some trouble at the start and even managed to pass his guard for a while. But suddenly I crashed and could barely move. I rolled with our coach and he completely destroyed me as usual and after that I just had nothing in the tank. It could have been to do with having a long weekend and drinking lots of beer on Saturday night, or not being able to sleep the night before, or whatever, I don’t know.

Why does that happen sometimes? It must be a combination of things… recent diet, sleeping patterns, recent activity, etc… But sometimes you just feel crud.

Anyway despite just wanting to crawl into the corner and drink water then die, I (with the “help” of my coach) forced myself to roll a couple more times. I basically lay there like a dead fish gasping for air, but I truly believe that will help me in the long run… from somewhere, I don’t know, I managed to dredge up the energy to fight Ide-san off for five minutes (succumbing to a collar choke at the end that had me almost off to la-la land.)

Not too spectacular or confidence inspiring a session but hey, they can’t all be fireworks.

Started Judo.

Wednesday nights, at a local junior high school.

A couple of peeps from jiu jitsu are judo black belts and are teaching there for free. Also there is an old sensei-type dude who surprised the shit out of me by talking to me with an African-English accent! Turns out he was chief of police somewhere in Zambia for 10 years, armbarring stray elephants or something.

Judo is:
Old fashioned
Different to jiu jitsu
Going to help my overall strength, fitness, and hopefully, standup skills

Judo is not:
Too difficult to grasp
For the faint-hearted
That different to jiu jitsu