So it begins!

The road to the Copa Paraestra South Japan 2008 Cup is officially underway, with me struggling to fill in all kinds of forms and send stuff off, renewing membership, and all that crap.


I’ve been healthy for a couple of weeks and feeling great, so naturally the universe has decided to floor me with yet another cold. Although! A development! My doctor thinks it’s not actually a cold seeing as it’s ridiculous to catch a cold every week. He gave me some allergy (hayfever) medicine two weeks ago. I was healthy for those two weeks. The medicine ran out a few days ago. My nose is now running like a snot filled tap and my eyes are watering more than a… um… a shark’s butthole. Ergo, the allergy medicine was working and I need more! So I went and got some. Fingers crossed it clears it up again and then I can get into some serious training for the next month.