Submissions Spirits 2

Just to let you dudez know another perk of living in Japan… totally wicked awesome sweet DVD magazines with the latest shiznit from the world of BJJ and grappling.

Here is Submission Spirits volume 2.

I’m reading it now. Actually, I lie. I’m looking at the pictures and trying to figure out what all the squiggly lines mean. But I’m working my way through the DVD, which has Shinya Aoki, Eddie Bravo, Jacare, Drysdale, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff as well as some hardcore Japanese BJJ and grappling tourneys.

I’ll probably write more of a review with some more information when I get time to sift through it all, and I will definitely post some video clips from the DVD up here and you can be sure they will be EX-CLUUUU-SIVE.

One Response

  1. Whats up this is sean bollinger. Im in this book with eddie bravo and am a student under eddie. Im looking to get these mag sent to me on a regular base. Can you help me out. I have a copy of the submission spirt 2 with jacare on the cover. Im the one in the pic with eddie on the bottom. Let me kno.. E-mail me

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