Hunt Vs. Fedor… I predict a riot, I predict a riot!

So, it’s NYE. Hunt vs. Fedor. Champion vs. Challenger. Big, ur, Russian Guy vs. Big, um, New Zealander with Samoan heritage currently living in Australia. Yay!

I’m going to go on record (take note, three loyal readers!) and say that Hunt will beat Fedor on NYE.

(Escape clause-if I am wrong, Fedor will submit Hunt early.)

The reasons?

Thanks, I’m glad you asked, cheese-brains.

1) Hunt is a tough mother-humper with rocks in his head.
2) Fedor is enjoying his time at the top, and wants to stretch his legs a bit. After fighting Mark Coleman, he said he wanted to make the fight last a bit longer, to feel his (Coleman’s) technique, and practice his own. I am not sure what Fedor’s gameplan will be for the fight against Hunt, but if he decides to try a similar thing and “carry” Hunt for a round or two (no small feat… or feet…) then he is playing a very dangerous game.

The pressure is there for him to do so… it’s the main event, he is the champ, and he is looking to up his stock to make himself a better commodity for future contract signings. Perhaps he feels some pressure to show a “fight” rather than storming out, flopping Hunt on his arse and armbarring his face off (which I strongly believe Fedor could do if he wanted.)

So Fedor has a choice. 1) Go out and totally dominate. He did that against Zulu last year, which was great, but didn’t give fans what they wanted (more of Fedor) or 2) Try to carry Hunt for at least a round.

Option 1=Safe, entirely possible
Option 2=Risky, and something that someone who has been undefeated for years might just try and pull.

And if anyone has a puncher’s chance, it’s Hunt. Fujita punched Fedor and made him do the fish dance. I think Hunt would turn Fedor into a fish if he connects with one of his hams… A dead fish! /melodrama

Either way, I am sure this will be a great fight and I hope Fedor decides to test himself with some standup before de-grapplerising Hunt’s brains out.