Judo 30 Jan

Hitting each other with cleaning implements is an essential part of any judo regime.

judo4.jpgA great judo session. My drills are very, very slowly coming along.

Randori was good. I am slowly getting a feel for balance, timing, etc. The main thing I want to achieve, as I’ve said before, is just a little experience standing up so that it’s no surprise at the BJJ comps, and I can look all cool and calm when I’m standing instead of hopping around like a baby giraffe on drugs.

We also did some intense “circuit” training, where someone barks out commands for a minute (DASH! SIT UPS! PRESS UPS! SWITCH! JUMP! SPRAWL! etc.) which is great for short-term energy levels, endurance, and is just plain killer. We did three rounds of that with I think a 20 second break in between.

Some pictures