Pat Smith in YAMMA Pitfighting!

Pat Smith is one of my all-time favourite MMA fighters. Ever since I saw him pummel the brains out of that ninja’s nose in UFC 2, he’s held some kind of martial magic over me, like a demonic Mickey Mouse.


The guy is a complete badass, in the old-school sense of the word.

Don Frye (best video ever here) has pulled out of his bout with Oleg Taktarov in the bizarrely named and doomed to fail YAMMA Pit Fighting promotion. Frye stated something to do with severe moustache-related injury, my sauces (mostly ketchup) tell me.

But Smith is stepping in!  

This is great news! I’m much more excited about this fight. Don’t ask me why because if I think about it too hard I probably won’t be that excited for it.


6 Responses

  1. Cool! Though its disappointing Frye is pulling out, as I would have liked to have seen that. Then again, IS anyone outside the US going to be able to see this? I love the old UFC, and from what I’ve heard from the three interviews Eddie Goldman has done about YAMMA, this is supposed to be a return to the SEG era UFC.

  2. I’m definitely excited to see this, although I’m not sure how the “legends fighting legends” thing will play out long term as these guys start to fall apart and give terrible performances.

    There are… ways to see events such as this, or you can wait until they turn up on…

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. NUTS! Damn you and your crazy ways, Smith! DAAAAMN YOU!

  4. DAMN! Too bad he’s a child molester. DID think he was worth something until that came up. Guess I’ll just choose another Gym instead…

  5. PatrucknSmith is my brother. Sadly he is losingvhis battle to cancer and we dont have mychbtime with him. We arevtold days to weeks. Thank you so much for thebpost

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