Wicked new t-shirts have arrived!

A design that I worked on a while ago, and kind of forgot about, and got a few orders for, arrived by post today and I am seriously pleased with them.

They look wicked, if I do say so myself.

I only ordered 11 this time, as I didn’t have enough time or drive to do loads of sales to get people to buy them, but it has inspired me to keep working on my t-shirts.

I changed the shirt itself from the last one I made, and I much prefer the material this time. They feel solid. 6.5oz.

I used a company in Osaka called Sweatshop Union, who I can’t recommend highly enough. They deliver quality merchandise in good time, and the customer service is fantastic. I have emailed them at all hours of the day or night, and weekends, and almost always got a prompt and friendly reply.

If you are in Japan and want some t-shirts done for your dojo, event, band, etc… and want to deal with someone in English who can make exactly what you want, I recommend these guys.

I will be wearing this with pride when I compete in a couple of weeks!

When I designed them I imagined I was a Japanese person using English, so there is a big idiom on the back and a random phrase chucked in for good measure (“The only competition is with yourself”). Actually I think the message on the back is a pretty good one…

Click the picture to get a medium sized one, click againt to see full size. You can see the Cro Cop I sketched in the background, too…