Eddie Bravo vs. Naoya Uematsu

Now this is an interesting video.

Only available as far as I know on the Jiu Jitsu Legends mook, only available in Japan.

Naoya Uematsu is basically considered one of the top grapplers in Japan. He also reffed a couple of my fights.

I haven’t got my hands on the DVD long enough to know the story, but I think Uematsu basically goes around the east west coast of the USA rolling at the various jiu jitsu schools.

Check the video out. For want of a better word, Bravo basically owns him. Two times real quick, then just completely neutralises him before choking him out. All this with what looks like an injured or out of commission arm.

Now that is impressive. I want Bravo to compete again! It would be really exciting.

Uematsu almost seems like “Dude, can you stop doing that rubber guard stuff so that I can have a chance to grapple with you?”

9 Responses

  1. Man, Eddie Bravo is the Anderson Silva of jiu-jitsu. Un-fucking-touchable.

  2. Methodically lethal. His setup to the guard looks so hum-drum but his attempts are lightning fast. I had barely noticed his head on the outside and kapow there’s the choke. Amazing stuff…

  3. Eddie told me about this, he found it really weird some guy wanted to come to his gym and get tapped out loads and be filmed. He couldn’t figure if it was some sort of challenge or not.

  4. He was supposed to be learning, I guess his translator didn’t get that across too well!

  5. Eddies arm was freshly tattooed so his arm was all torn up. He didn’t really want to role but Naoya beat up on one of his students (Scott Epstein) so eddie decided to jump in. The whole thing is on his mastering the rubber guard DVD.

    Interestingly enough I was going to ask you if you’ve ever seen any of eddie’s rubber guard stuff. It’s made my game improve 10 fold. Not just the rubberguard but the whole lockdown, butterfly game too.

  6. Yeah, I annoyed the crap out of a guy last night with the lockdown.

    I definitely like some of his stuff. Half-guard stuff, etc. But I haven’t put any time into the rubber guard really. I need to practice because right now my omoplata is absolutely terrible, so whenever I get rubber guard then omoplata, I just get stacked or passed.

  7. Lockdown is insane dude, That has definitely made my all around game better, if someone passes my guard then i’m ok in half guard. I don’t worry there, i know where i have to get and its highly unlikely they’ll be able to submit you from there because you can manipulate their body so well with the lockdown

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  9. Not to take anything away from Bravo but it is difficult to judge much from sparring, especially with Japanese fighters. Uematsu traveled to pick up techniques and develop, that`s the reason he is filming, he is not there to “compete”. Uematsu has a knee injury, rumoured to be one of the reasons he left the sport the same year as this video. Uematsu is 5ft4 135lbs while Bravo is 5ft8 160lbs plus, we do not know how long they were grappling or what Uematsu did as its heavily edited. Uematsu is already old school, his peak was already about 8 years prior. Getting tapped in training and in competition are 2 very different things, having said that Uematsu does not have the best competition record.

    Bravo is one of my favourite grapplers to watch and not taking anything away, he is impressive, too much is made in general of tapping out in training. I have seen Japanese grapplers tap in training frequently, some have never been submitted in over 10 year careers.

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