Co-main events=awesome

Co-main events RULE.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (camo trunks) vs. Tim Sylvia
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UFC 79 and UFC 81 delivered big hard juicy action in my face. I forgot what happened in UFC 80 so it probably wasn’t all that great.

UFC 79: Silva vs. Liddell, and then when that was over and we all lay quivering on our sofas covered in expended jizzum, old Goldy informed us that St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes was still on the way… Holy lactating shit weasels, batman! You mean there’s more face-punchy goodness to come?

Two big name fights are perfect for UFC events. When there is just one, there is always the chance that it won’t live up to the hype. And whenever I’m watching one, I’m like a drug addict wondering if he’s got enough to see him through the night… the cold light of dawn already creeping into his feverish brain.

Two main events are just right. If one doesn’t live up to the hype, chances are the other one will. If they both deliver, then it leaves you more than satisfied, and in fact, spent. Three would be too much. Two is the number of the counting. One is too little. Four is way out!

But seriously, I really liked the way 79 and 81 were presented, with two fights really headlining each card. I hope the UFC can keep putting on shows like that.