Shopping and stuff

Had a good day today. Went to the city, went to the doctors to get the fucking lowdown on why the hell I keep catching colds. So he’s doing some tests to check for allergies and stuff.

The rest of the day we walked around the city. I checked in at Isami, the wicked martial arts shop. There are branches all over Japan, and they are the brand behind Reversal, the coolest MMA clothing makers ever.

Going into Isami is dangerous for me, so I try to limit my visits. It is an absolute treasure trove of awesome stuff. Luckily, I only spent 1500 yen today. I bought Gracie Magazine… first time I had seen it in there, and seeing how starved I am of paper-material to read, I figured I’d splash out. It’s a little out of date, seeing as it’s imported, but I will still get some good hours out of it.


I also bought a Reversal patch, for my top secret project, which shall be revealed in the next post.

I picked up a catalogue for Reversal, and the bastards have stolen my idea of having a gi on a t-shirt… shitting fuck-cocks, I knew I should have been quicker. There’s also some amusing Janglish, as per usual… WHO SAYS THE STRIKER CAN’T GRAPPLING ? Damn good question, I say.