Pride is Dead. Join me in mourning.

According to Zach Arnold over at Fight Opinion (and he speaks the truth), Pride is dead.

After having been bought by the UFC, we were all looking forward to the Superbowl of MMA, with champions from each organisation fighting each other to discover who was the best in the world.

Unfortunately Pride ended up being rotten to the core, at least in terms of its higher management, and has basically been declared unsalvageable.

The clip below shows why this is such a savage blow for MMA.

I have yet to see an organisation that could rival Pride in terms of production and, basically, sheer fucking pump-up-ness.

The drama, the passion, the emotion, all lifted Pride much higher than just two guys punching each other in the face. It was true escapism, and you could completely lose yourself in it. Having seen Pride live, I can attest to this. Anyway, sit back, press play, and get PUMPED.

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