Two new videos I made.

Please note, these are not as good as they could be. I kind of get bored waiting to convert video files into zillion gigasplog editable files and searching through them and blah blah blah. I hope to improve as time goes on.

First is a brief vid abut introducing “the heroes”, people who fight for K1 hereos. It occurs to me that folks in the West don’t get exposed to it at all, with it not being on PPV or on TV. Apart from the naughty internet downloaders.

This one also falls short of what I wanted to make, but you might enjoy it. It’s about “falling” and has that awesome quote from that president guy about dust stained faces and arenas and stuff. Damn that quote is long, though.



8 Responses

  1. what i like most about your vids is the music selection, always appropriate, not just loud like a crocop KO highlight

    what do you think about that referee re-positioning Sakuraba in the middle of him getting pounded out? i love Saku but it looked so much like he was finished

  2. Cool, thanks. I have a lot of songs in my library that I’m looking forward to putting into highlights that people aren’t expecting.

    I feel really sorry for Sakuraba… they want him to win so bad, but they totally don’t look after him, which should be the number one concern of the third man in the ring… Really crappy behaviour, actually.

    I’d say the ref should lose his job, but he’s probably just following orders from someone much higher up.

    Poor Saku.

  3. I just watched the frank shamrock vs bas rutten ‘king of pancrase’ video, its awesome! A good fight, quick, energy, interesting rules and both great competitors

  4. yeah, the old pancrase vids were funny. It sounds bad to say cos they’d probably kick my arse, but they make a lot of very basic grappling mistakes and miss a hell of a lot of opportunities and advancing or securing position.

    That’s what I thought anyway. Easy to say from on front of a computer screen!

  5. I dunno man I got the impression from the one I watched that Rutten really didn’t want to wrestle with shamrock, he was content to kick and slap him for some reason. He sprawled pretty effectively. I don’t know how old the video is though it doesn’t say, just on youtube.

    Its one where Shamrock tackles him out of the ring by accident, I think he really stuns himself doing that. He enters the ring pretty dazed after the fall.

    Shamrock pulls out, his total injuries were like a few slaps to the face, a pretty solid backhand, a knee to the face and a bizarre fall out of the ring.
    He does try to sibmit rutten a few times but he escapes pretty well. He had some cuts around his eyes.

    A slap from Rutten is probably like a right the cross from me so pretty well done lol. They are both pretty cheeky to one another. They are fast for big dudes, very fast.

    I still know crap all about grappling man, just recognize the basic submissions. Uni orientation week next week, hoping for a BJJ club at uni. Fingers crossed.

  6. Is there any way to get a hold of the original UFC footage – like UFC 1 through to UFC 5?

    The original ‘no holds barred’ kind of stuff.

  7. the old pancrase rules forbade closed hand strikes, and no striking on the ground (i think.)

    original footage… off, or the internet if you have good sources 🙂

    i highly recommend early UFCs by the way. Hilarious, hardcore stuff.

  8. with your mind and martial arts background, you’d be instantly hooked on BJJ, I guarantee it.

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