You can buy my t-shirts.


RIZM MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Gear

I did a lot of research and it seems that Spreadshirt make quality prints on quality t-shirts. Plus, they have a UK branch which is good for me.

There are only a couple of designs in there but a few of you said you were interested in them, so here they are!

Many more designs to come. Any help you can give in spreading the word would be much appreciated.




5 Responses

  1. very cool. would it be too much to ask for the above tee as white print on black tee? I don’t wear white

  2. Awesome! I’ll echo Hywel’s request, but I’ll swing the other way on that “Sifu Says Relax” shirt. Looks like an old school Depeche Mode concert tee. I’ll be mod, and it may get me free drinks at a gay bar…

  3. I’ll work on some variations tonight!

  4. Do you take requests? I remember a few posts back you were talking about an idea for a gi on a t-shirt but the Gracies already did it. I would so buy that frikkin shirt.

  5. I’m on it, hombre.

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