A bunch of videos about DREAM…

Haven’t had a chance to watch them all yet, but I certainly will! Check it out or die, morans! Loads of good fighter footage, I think.

(DREAM is the next big thing to come out of Japan, if you didn’t know… Zombie Pride. Read Fight Opinion for the full deal.

Watch them in order:

6 Responses

  1. […] Lite videos med DREAM som minsta gemensamma nämnare (hittade dem på bloggen Martial Farts)… […]

  2. well what the crap is this yarennoka thing then?

  3. Yarennoka was the name of a one-off promotion for new years eve that involved a whole bunch of people, including ex-Pride people. I’m not surprised if you are confused mate, everyone is. Except Zach Arnold at Fight Opinion, he knows everything.

  4. Why didn’t they just call it “mega happy fun time pride new years FIGHTO extravaganza !!1%11!!!oneone!!!!1111!!!!! …17.
    Cut to Fedor shooting lazers from his eyes, a giant crocop taking a bite out of a train and gary coleman jumping around like a gorilla then getting drop kicked by Sylvester Stallone into a styrofoam t-rex. Flames burst onto the screen the words “MEGA HAPPY FUN TIME PRIDE NEW YEARS FIGHTO EEEEXTRAVAGANZA 17 !!!1111!!!!!” Slam into the screen so hard your pancreas comes out of your nose and just sits there looking like a deflated balloon you and all your family are so PUMPED that you start to headbutt each other and all your furniture into the floor!!!!!

  5. […] Farts What’s upBJJ – Monday 10thA bunch of videos about DREAM…Leglockers are niche fighters.Does Fedor / Couture have to be in the UFC?Do you use a groin […]

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