Wicked new t-shirts have arrived!

A design that I worked on a while ago, and kind of forgot about, and got a few orders for, arrived by post today and I am seriously pleased with them.

They look wicked, if I do say so myself.

I only ordered 11 this time, as I didn’t have enough time or drive to do loads of sales to get people to buy them, but it has inspired me to keep working on my t-shirts.

I changed the shirt itself from the last one I made, and I much prefer the material this time. They feel solid. 6.5oz.

I used a company in Osaka called Sweatshop Union, who I can’t recommend highly enough. They deliver quality merchandise in good time, and the customer service is fantastic. I have emailed them at all hours of the day or night, and weekends, and almost always got a prompt and friendly reply.

If you are in Japan and want some t-shirts done for your dojo, event, band, etc… and want to deal with someone in English who can make exactly what you want, I recommend these guys.

I will be wearing this with pride when I compete in a couple of weeks!

When I designed them I imagined I was a Japanese person using English, so there is a big idiom on the back and a random phrase chucked in for good measure (“The only competition is with yourself”). Actually I think the message on the back is a pretty good one…

Click the picture to get a medium sized one, click againt to see full size. You can see the Cro Cop I sketched in the background, too…

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  1. Thanks for reading my blog bro, these shirts are pretty sweet. Keep an eye out for us, one thing I dont put in my blog that I’ll tell you since your familliar with the industry, if you go back to the “about us” section of the Graffight Blog, is the last name familiar? My cousin is Juanito Ibarra the manager and trainer of Rampage Jackson, Michael Bisping, and Cheik Kongo among others. Look for our finished designs at the Rampage Vs Griffin Fight, peace.

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