Started Judo.

Wednesday nights, at a local junior high school.

A couple of peeps from jiu jitsu are judo black belts and are teaching there for free. Also there is an old sensei-type dude who surprised the shit out of me by talking to me with an African-English accent! Turns out he was chief of police somewhere in Zambia for 10 years, armbarring stray elephants or something.

Judo is:
Old fashioned
Different to jiu jitsu
Going to help my overall strength, fitness, and hopefully, standup skills

Judo is not:
Too difficult to grasp
For the faint-hearted
That different to jiu jitsu


2 Responses

  1. “armbarring stray elephants or something”


  2. Welcome to Judo. As with many JJ guys, you’ll find the big challenge is to get a Judo guy on the ground without losing so that you can work the arms on the ground.

    It is a great art which you’ll be able to continue long into your old age, just not at the sport level. I hope you enjoy it!

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