Terrible Prediction: Cung Le will beat Shamrock.

These guys agree with me: Five Ounces of Pain | Why Cung Le will beat Frank Shamrock

Why not.

Cung Le

I’m going to say Cung Le beats Shamrock at the next Strikeforce event. I don’t think Cung Le is a flash in the pan. I think he is a super-elite striker who’s been working on nothing but MMA for the past two years. And, he is not a pure striker… his art is San Shou, which involves a lot of throws, trips, and takedowns. Plus, I heard on the radio (Shitdog) that he was a collegiate wrestler (I think… don’t quote me on that.) He’s got all the tools, and he’s on the way up.

I think it will be a great fight, but what the hell, I say Le could take it.

15 Responses

  1. Cung is consistently very, very good. I think it all depends on which Shamrock shows up. The Shamrock who fought Baroni, I give Sham the edge. The Shamrock who fought Renzo, before he DQ’d himself, then I say Cung. Should be a good fight, either way.

  2. I was one of the very few people stupid enough to fall for the fake fightlinker article announcing Cung’s win, and ever since I can’t go back to expecting him to lose haha.

  3. Shammy for me.

  4. Cung Le was dominant in his sanshou and k-1 matches. He had a lot of KO’s and TKO’s but arguably has fought mostly cans who weren’t at the same elite level. He was a high school and junior college wrestler but who knows what kind of submissions skills he has acquired since moving to MMA. I give him the edge on striking (see his site cungle.com for clips) – even Frank admitted he was better when they were sparring “only sanshou” (wtf – it’s already a mix of strikes and throws albeit only 2 sec clinch) but hard to say what happens when he’s defending submissions, ground-n-pound, or knees from clinch.

    Anyway, I also predict Cung Le winning. TKO in Round 2. Will be a great match-up either way.

  5. Whatever happens, it should be fireworks, and I am pumped to watch it!

  6. The closer it gets to the fight, the more and more people seem to be backing Le.

    The main disadvantage (apart from experience) I see him having is size and possibly strength.

    Frank in theory should be the inferior striker and if Le’s wrestling credentials are as impressive as rumoured then Shamrock (who isn’t a great takedown artist) may have trouble getting the fight to the floor.

    One report I read said that when training with AKA, Josh Koscheck had trouble taking down Le in sparring.

  7. Shamrock by submission for me, he has too many tools in his arsenal and he wont be stupid enough to stand and trade a losing war (Fryklund)

    MMA is more varied than San Shou, and although clearly very talented and definately a star of the future, Frank hasn’t had his day yet and has too much experience to fuel him on. he know’s the risks….

  8. Yushin, não sei nada de inglês, manjo um pouco de espanhol, pela tradução péssima que meu computador fez, li que você faz aulas de português, não sei se foi isso mesmo que você disse ou se isso foi apenas uma tradução “ao pé da letra” de meu pc! Gostaria de dizer que admiro muito o seu trabalho, suas técnicas, na minha opinião você, Anderson Silva e Minotauro são os melhores, sem a menos sombra de dúvida… continue sempre fazendo esse espetáculo que você faz quando sobe para lutar, que seus fãs aqui no Brasil agradecem…. fique com Deus!!! Beijos em seu coração!!! De sua fã número 1 brasileira Leslei La Rochelle (Leslinh@)

  9. You tell ’em, Leslei!

  10. What Leslei said… I think.

    I am shit at picking fights. I clicked on Le’s picture at mmapredictions.com, so it’s almost guaranteed that he will lose.

    I’m looking forward to the fight, though. I like watching Le’s san shou fights on the deuce.

  11. I think what makes this fight so exciting is that Le is just about to blossom into an incredible MMA fighter, and Shamrock is in a kind of weird twilight period.

    I am completely in two minds about this fight, actually. I think that Shamrock will submit Le, and I also think that Le will KO Shamrock. Possibly at the same time. Le will do a spinning back kick which Shamrock will catch and heel hook but at the same time Le will scissor kick him with the other kick just as he taps out and Shamrock falls to the floor unconscious.

    This is what Leslei said:
    Yushin, I know nothing about English, I comprehend a little of Spanish, by the very bad translation that my computer did, I read that you do classes of Portuguese, do not I know itself went that even though you said or itself that was barely a translation “to the letter” of my pc! It would like to say that I admire a lot his work, its techniques, in the my opinion you, Anderson Hisses and Minotauro are the best, without the less shade of doubt… continues always doing that spectacle that you do when sobe for fight, that his fans here in Brazil thank…. stayed with God!!! Kisses in his heart!!! Of his fan number 1 Brazilian Leslei Her Rochelle (Leslinh@)

  12. *rubs hands with a satisfied smirk on his face*

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  14. It’s interesting to revisit after the fight. Why do you think Shamrock didn’t take Le down?
    1. couldn’t since his wrestling isn’t as good
    2. couldn’t due to le’s perimeter fighting / striking skills
    3. bad knees
    4. ego – proving a point etc.
    5. all of the above
    6. some other reason

    Anyway, awesome performance by both fighters. Rematch!!!

  15. 5. All of the above!

    I think he will try harder for it in the rematch. Can’t wait.

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