Monkey News

Not BJJ, but absolutely hilarious.

Monkey news is one of the funnier sequences on the laugh-till-you-cry Ricky Gervais Podcast series, and this is one of the funnier stories. Karl Pilkington recounts the tale of the monkey in space. This is some unnofficial fan-created animation, but Ricky gave it the thumbs up on his blog. Fucking hell, I nearly died. Brilliant.

I recommend you watch this. I do not recommend you listen to any of the blogs with your ipod in public, as you will be taken for a madman due to howling with insane laughter in public.


2 Responses

  1. Karl Pilkington’s global domination expands into BJJ now. There really is no stopping that lad.

    You should all subscribe to the Ricky Gervais podcast on iTunes. One of the recent updates was a two hour best-of from the first series of their podcast.

  2. lol fucking genius!!!!!!!!!!

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