I DREAMed about HEROES full of PRIDE…

Spoilers about the show follow.

Well, Pride is certainly back.

I sat down to watch the first ever DREAM event with the same feeling of excitement I used to get watching Pride, and when the show started kicking in, the crazy announcer lady, the lights, the crowd… it felt pretty good.


There was, however, the faintest twinge of things not being quite right. Not that I’d know anything about this kind of thing of course, but it was kind of like when you smoke or eat something and find out that it isn’t doing quite what you were hoping it would do. You smile and you dance and you sweat but deep down you know you’re having to try too hard. Anyways.


My thoughts on the show:

  • DREAM’s roster is absolutely stacked, and if all goes well, MMA fans are in for a serious treat in 2008 as the Japanese MMA scene gets itself back on track.
  • Joachim Hansen is a hard-headed beast whose full potential has yet to be tapped. He must be a contender to hold some kind of belt other than a leather one in 2008/9.
  • The lights in the stadium were up way too high. It was too real, and brought me away from the action a few times.
  • Kultar Gill, otherwise known as Black Mamba, has got himself a fan. You can see by the way he moves (and by the way he dismantled Tokoro Hideo in the past), and by his composure during his fight against a very tough Kawajiri, that Mamba has got what it takes to go far in the sport.
  • Minowaman needs to stop fighting freakshow fights and fight real opponents. He is obviously very skilled, very strong, and very experienced. I would like to see him fight legitimate bouts and see how far he can go. Minowaman got that “Hmm someone has sold me a dodgy pill” feeling I alluded to earlier, when he tried to get the crowd to pump their fists in the air with him and it took a few attempts to get everyone into it.
  • Shinya Aoki is not one of the nutso “must fight until my eyes are hanging out of my sockets or my elbow is bent off backwards” Japanese fighters, which is a good thing. He seemed legitimately injured, and I hope he gets better and can fight JZ again. JZ vs Aoki was the only fight that really got my heart thumping. It was a fight reminiscent of the old days… two polar opposite fighters (one a rangy, skinny ground wizard, one a miniature ape) of the highest skill level. I really want to see them battle.
  • Cro Cop is up to his old tricks. He looked big and strong in the fight, and shook out any nerves or cobwebs he had with a crushing TKO of some can. I hope he moves on to legit fighters soon.


One Response

  1. So that’s Black Mamba’s name! Kultar Gill… jeez, both sound like pro-wrestling names. And yeah, I’ll second the notion that Mamba will go far in mma.

    Enjoyed watching DREAM. Can’t wait for the next one.

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