World MMA Awards

Headed up by Martial Farts commentator (important title, that) Hywel Teague, Fighters Only Magazine is pretty much the coolest MMA magazine I’ve ever read. And I’m not just saying that because they have published two of my articles.

They have organised something that every MMA fan should check out…

The World MMA Awards.

In their words:

Fighters Only announce first World MMA Awards

Fighters Only, The UK’s Only Mixed Martial Arts and Lifestyle Magazine, is proud to announce plans for the first World Mixed Martial Arts Awards.

In a move that reflects the development and growth of the Sport and the Magazine, Fighters Only will organise and host an event that acknowledges outstanding achievements and efforts in MMA worldwide. Fighters, promoters and industry individuals will be eligible to win in a variety of categories that reflect their accomplishments in the sport.

The first World MMA Awards will be held in December 2008 with winners being nominated and chosen by fans throughout the year online. Using state of the art software Fighters Only will accept open nominations from May 2008 and the top 5 nominations in each category will be short listed for fans to choose from when nominations end on 31st July 2008. Fans who nominated will then be asked to vote for their winner from the shortlist.

Fighters Only Managing Director Rob Hewitt:

“The last 12 months have seen huge developments in MMA on a global level. We feel that now is the right time to launch an annual award ceremony which focuses on all that is great in this sport. Fighters Only have been innovators in terms of the feature and coverage that we provide to our readers, traditionally in our magazine and now on our website, and it is only natural that we should continue to blaze a trail by organising what is another first in the industry.”

“MMA fans are the best in the world and we feel that these Awards will give those fans a voice in the industry by allowing them to directly show their appreciation for the men and women who make this sport the best in the world.”

The World Mixed Martial Arts Awards website can be found at:

For further information contact:

Jim Burman

(+44) 7970 868333

Fighters Only Website:

Now that’s something I can get behind.

Get out there and vote, snotfaces…


9 Responses

  1. Some of the categories were fairly difficult. You gonna publish your choices?

  2. BTW, that smiley face drives me fucking batty…

  3. Yeah, I’ll share them soon enough.
    What smiley face?!

  4. Go to ‘Recent Emissions’ and follow it due east a few pixels…

  5. Shit yeah! what the hell is that thing? It moves around the page sneakily… some kind of programmer joke?

  6. I don’t know, but it’s unsettling. Like a kid flying a kite at night…

    Anyway, curious about your choices, especially European Fighter of the Year (Andre the Giant) and Best Shorts (jean cutoffs with the pockets showing).

  7. My picks are pretty uninspired… blogalising now!

  8. not uninspired… but maybe obvious. When I look at things like that, my mind goes completely blank. Like walking into a DVD shop with money to burn and walking out with something I didn’t want, like “Bob Brangledorf’s Guide to Cleaning up Vomit with your Teeth.” and a puzzled look on my face.

  9. You wrote the synopsis before the book: “The Curious Incident of Supercrap in the DVD Shop(pe)”…

    All picks are obvious when you’re making ’em. I’m especially curious on the contenders for submission of the year…

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