The Ultimate Fighter Intro: Redux

With an unexpected afternoon off work and a new musical discovery (Dead Can Dance), I boshed together my own take on the TUF intro.

It is nothing special, I did no fancy editing, I just wanted to give it a different flavour. I tried to do it “Pride style” if you will, with the “epic, earth-shattering consequences” feeling that Sato Daisuke somehow managed to capture in all his videos.


Tell me what you think. Would you like a TUF that was presented in a more dramatic way, or does it not fit? Do you prefer the nu-metal soundtrack, the locker-room samurai feel?


9 Responses

  1. Like the sepia tones and the camera shakes, did you do them or was that on the original footage? Good stuff mate.

  2. I love the Cocteau Twins, so I’m frequently getting told I should check into Dead Can Dance. Never quite managed it, but this reminds me to go trawl through their stuff on

  3. Very nice. Reminds of The Contender Asia in terms of drama and build up. I like both styles, depends what mood I’m in.

  4. Dude, THAT was really cool. I believe the young ‘uns would say it was “da bomb” or some such.

  5. Hobes, the shakes and the desaturation was already on the footage. I basically just chopped it up, slowed it down, and put some funky music on. But totally changed the atmosphere.

    Slideyfoot – definitely a band worth checking out. They do have a lot of material to get through but there are some gems.

    Thanks Hywel, I haven’t had a chance to watch TC:A yet but want to.

    Tom, I believe the phrase is “bomb diggety wiggedy wack wizard chief”, or so my dog-eared copy of “Totally Radical and Gnarly Phrases for Hipsters” tells me.

  6. “No fancy editing”? I would love to see something more fancy. That is a sick intro. I heart Pride production.

  7. Good stuff…

  8. Beautiful Stuff. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

    BTW, I’ve really enjoyed your music taste by way of the various video clips you’ve put together. You should put up a music widget or song lists or something so the rest of us can discover all the good stuff you seem to find… 🙂

  9. Thanks Lucas! I might just do that. Any recommended music widgets?

    I have a pretty eclectic taste and there’s nothing I like more than forcing other people to listen to a song that I like and agree with me that it’s awesome.

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