Prognosis: Suckitude!

So I went to the doctors today because my foot was really sore. I got an x-ray, which came up negative… so no large bones broken. But apparently small breaks don’t show up on x-rays. You need an MRI for that. So I will wait until Friday and if it still hurts, get one of those.

I believe the doctor’s complete prognosis was “what a load of fucking shit” with the recommendation to “be really pissed off and headbutt stuff pretty hard.”

So that’s what I’ll be doing.

Hopping around Elementary Schools teaching English is not fun on those metal leg thingamyjingies. I thought I could be all cyborgy and awesome but I was just crap at moving and stuff.

I will use this opportunity to do some “mental training” (of what that will consist I am not entirely sure yet) as well as some upper body and core strength work. Fancy names for pullups and situps.

Arse cocks!

14 Responses

  1. Bones in the foot are tricky. Fingers crossed for no breaks!

  2. Nostril hairs also crossed.

  3. Man that sucks. Sorry to hear of a setback when you’re in the doldrums to begin with. Hopefully this can be just another “tool” in your mental training. Best of luck on the MRI.

    Are you slightly hoping their only option is to install a mechanical foot with fully articulated toes and a 22, 000 foot lb. thruster? It is Japan…

  4. Have a look at Tabata interval training for your pushups/pullups/situps:

    Click here

    It kept me sane and kinda fit for BJJ during a knee injury last year. All the best.

  5. Man, sorry to hear about that. What part of your foot went snappo? Hopefully it’s not the very outside, at the top of the blade of your foot. This is the fifth metatarsal, and it’s notorious for taking a long time to heal — I know ’cause I broke mine about six years ago in judo in freak uchikomi accident.

    Good idea to work on your conditioning/core strength while you heal. I’m sure it will pay off for you.

    Chin up and get well soon.

  6. What a kick in the balls! I chopped the top of one of my fingers off about 3 months ago and had to spend 6 weeks out. I feel your pain man.

  7. Boo get a hair cut! we want the cyborg!

  8. マット!?





  9. ワァ~!大変だった!


    Hope you get well soon and back in fighting form.

  10. How cool are my readers…. Multi-lingual comments on my blog!

    Thanks for the messages.

    I will get a checkup on Friday to see what course of action to take.

    1) Everything is fine and I stroll out of the doctors.
    2) Everything is not fine and I pay up the wazoo for an MRI and spend more weeks hobbling around.
    3) I am randomly selected for a top secret experimental surgery technique whereby they amputate my leg and replace it with a giant gun/hammer electro-fist buster device. And they also fit my brain with some kind of neon supercomputer and x-ray vision. Also my arm will be changed into a sword. And I’ll have a penis enlargement. And a breast reduction. And they will accidentally swap my nose with my big toe. Probably.

  11. please be 3, please be 3, please be 3!!!

  12. man, that sucks…hope all goes well – or you at least get #3

  13. Thanks!
    Turns out it was number 2, shiiiiiiit….

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