BJJ & Judo this week

Fitting in a last couple of training sessions before the comp, which is next Tuesday.

On Tuesday only Ao-san and I turned up for training. We are both entering the competition (in the same categories). Luckily we are both rational intelligent humans so there was nothing awkward about us training exclusively together despite the fact that we could face each other next week.

We went round robin with our instructor. 3-minute spar, then a new partner for 3 minutes, then jog for 3 minutes. We planned to go for an hour but after about thirty minutes we were gasping, so we changed it up to regular six minute sparring with a couple of minutes break. Sparring went well, I was able to sweep my instructor and almost single leg him. The rest of the time he owned me.

I was also able to transition from a triangle to an armbar against Ao-san, a first for me which gives me some hope for the comp ahead. He has been on a tear lately and has accumulated quite a few golds in the blue belt category including at the recent ADCC Kyushu trials in a one-off gi tournament.

I went to judo last night basically just to work up a sweat and give a t-shirt I designed to my friend Ide-san. I get to judo too late to really work but I just have enough time to get some exercise and maybe fifteen minutes randori altogether, which doesn’t sound like much but when your standup game sucks as much as mine, every second counts. Sprinted for a minute after that up and down the gym.

I’m going to go to BJJ on Friday night and then that will be it for training before Tuesday. Before the comp though I will try to do some strength and conditioning work so that the actual work is not a shock on the day. Some running and BWEs.

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