Amazing Balance Ball Video – Leo Vieira, Andre Galvao

I edited this clip from the Submission Fighter DVD.

I had to share it with you guys!

Having spent a while with a balance ball and having about as much balance as a drunk kangaroo doing a handstand, what these guys can do pretty much blows my mind. Jumping on a moving ball and holding still?! What in the name of shoulder-mounted plasma cannons?!

So, enjoy the vid… Two of the world’s greatest jiu jitsu guys just chilling and showing off on the balance ball. I kept the stuff after too, because I enjoyed watching it. A couple of fearsome fighters just being totally normal and playing around with some kids in the dojo.

If you liked this video please feel free to put it on your own blog with a little link back to here.

9 Responses

  1. lol great video… very playful 🙂

  2. I have to admit, in front of God and Hywel, that after watching his video on FL regarding his workout ball routine I dusted off my 55cm ball and started working with it again. After watching those two mutants do what they do, I’m tempted to knife it and set it on fire. That’s fucking ridiculous…

  3. By the way, I was talking about Hywel’s workout video, not God’s. I couldn’t find a ball made of clouds, love and the crushed souls of Buddhists, so copying Hywel was my only option…

  4. I saw God’s balance ball in the sports shop on sale but I went for the plastic one because it had little nubs on it.

    Better grippage.

    The bit at 3 minutes is incredible. He kneels on it, then stands on it, then backflips on it, without once losing his balance.

  5. Good stuff. In the US on a tv show hosted by volleyball champ, Gabby Reese, she interviews her husband, a champion surfer, who also jumps right on these balls and does crazy tricks. His balance is no doubt even sicker.

  6. […] A dope ass video with Andre Galvao and Leo Vieira, highlighting how to use a balance ball in BJJ drills, over at Martial Farts. […]

  7. that was a fun watch!

  8. Cool innit?

  9. bad ass drills for balance

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