A good blog…

Murasaki BJJ keeps an interesting training diary… the guy is basically training himself not too far from me in Japanland… and has some very good insights.

I particularly liked this post.

Bookmark it!

2 Responses

  1. Why thank you sir. You do me a great service. 🙂

    And I shall see you at the Copa Pararestra Tourney!!!

    How’s the Pumpitude level?

  2. Pumpitude level is dangerously high! Which is good. Levels are being affected by the fact that I am going to my friend’s wedding today and have to give a speech and be an MC and stuff. So some extra pumpitude coming off that.
    The comp should be fun, although one of the big schools, Axis, is not going cos they are having a big comp up country and Rickson is going to be there.
    So basically there are about 90,000 competitors from Paraestra Kitakyushu, me and one other guy from our dojo, and a few other stragglers…
    It will probably not go on all day either as there are only around 50 fights.
    See you there!

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