BJJ 15 April – The Comedown

Well, not really, but my on-fire streak wound down a little. It was my first day back teaching elementary schools, and I was exhausted. I could also feel the dreaded hayfever/cold/irritation thing coming back, so training was fairly subdued.

I basically took it easy and didn’t push myself too hard. I made a couple of silly (lazy?) mistakes against a skilled but quite physically weak blue belt but other than that no major revelations or realisations.

I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the week and go to OJJ on Sunday night for some hard sparring. I’ve been going to the dojo four times a week now for about a month so I’m feeling good and I don’t mind taking a few days off. I might train tomorrow depending on the weather and how I’m feeling.

I had a long break between classes and went and had a nap in the sun in a beautiful park that overlooks the whole city. It was the first time this year the sun has really blazed down on me and it felt great, I soaked up the warmth for a long time. I took the chance to write down a kind of spider diagram of possible moves or combinations that I could use in my upcoming tournament, purely as a mental exercise to help make those synapses snap a little faster on the day. I want to have all my possibilities fresh in my mind when I fight.

Also here’s a chance to show off my fancy and vaguely effeminate Reversal tote bag. Shweeeet.


4 Responses

  1. it’s not feminine in Japan though is it?

  2. Hahaha! you beat me to it! 🙂

  3. Damn straight! I can get away with a hell of a lot of shit out here that would probably get me glassed in England.

    Moisturiser, tote bags, um… oh wait, just moistuiser and tote bags.

  4. Forgot to blog, I naild my first darce choke that night, too…

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