Video: me being beaten up

As I said in this post, it’s good to get beaten up.

Here’s me doing my absolute best against my instructor, who weighs at least ten kilos less than me.

I really went all out which is why it looks a little scrappy. I think I was doing some things right, it’s just that he does them twenty times better than me. I can’t remember the last time I spent more than about three seconds in the top position with him, his top control is amazing, especially considering how much smaller he is than me.

4 Responses

  1. cool vid – how tall are you?

  2. I’m 179cm. I noticed in that vid that my instructor was knackered, too. That gives me some hope.

  3. I think it must be some kind of immutable truth or universal law that sparring with your instructor has to leave you feeling like a complete tit.
    Standing Randori with mine tend to be clinics in perfectly timed footsweeps, Tai Otoshis and the joy of sudden weightlessness. The only way I can stop this is to adopt power grips and muscle him around, which is not really the type of Judo that I want to play.

  4. For sure.
    I actually know what you mean as my forays into randori at judo on Wednesdays are essentially futile, with me spending more time upside down in the air wondering when I’m going to land than much else… all learning though!

    It must be tempting if you are bigger or stronger to muscle people about.

    That’s why sparring is not about winning eh…

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